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Savings Accounts

Health Savings Account

Offset Expenses

qualified health & medical needs

Save Tax-Free

contributions are pre-tax

Rollover Funds

no "use it or lose it" policy

  • No minimum balance for first nine months
  • $500 minimum daily balance to avoid $5.00 monthly maintenance fee
  • Earn interest on higher balances
  • Unlimited withdrawals with no fees
  • Debit card available
  • Minimum opening deposit of $100

How do I avoid fees?

No monthly maintenance fee for the first nine months - after that, maintain the minimum daily balance of $500 to avoid the $5.00 monthly maintenance fee or link to another account*. Keep your account open at least one year to avoid early termination fee.



$5.00 per month

Account Details

To open a health savings account (HSA), a customer must have a qualifying high deductible insurance plan. HSA funds are accessed using a debit card. If you prefer to write checks, we'll help you order them. You can link an HSA to another account*. We'll waive the monthly maintenance fee if your secondary account has a daily balance of $10,000.00 or more. Make contributions for the previous or current tax year, and until you enroll in Medicare. Individuals age 55-64 are allowed to make an additional $1,000.00 catch-up contribution to an HSA.

The IRS sets the annual maximum contribution amount for HSAs each year and also determines what's classified as qualified medical expenses. For tax advice, consult your financial advisor or the IRS website.

Debit Cards

Personal banking customers can apply for and be issued PIN-protected debit cards for real-time access to checking account funds. Access your funds with ease and convenience from First Community Bank, Star, Plus and Jeanie ATMs.

Debit cards have transaction cash limits to protect you, but limit increases may be available. Even better? Your debit card is free.

Phone Number

Open an account.
800.829.6372 or have us call you.