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Fraud Education

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Check Fraud by Mail Theft

Check fraud is skyrocketing. Learn how to better protect yourself and your accounts from scams like check washing, mail theft and other financial fraud.

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Business Financial Fraud Prevention

Businesses have many weak points when it comes to financial fraud. Learn about popular scams that target businesses and their employees and how you can help prevent them.

caller ID spoofing

Caller ID Spoofing

That caller saying they’ve detected fraud on your account? It could be a thief working behind a fake number. Learn how “spoofing” fuels financial fraud.

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Check Fraud Schemes

Most people and businesses have either had to deal with check fraud schemes or can expect to in the near future. Learn to sniff out scams before they ensnare you.

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Romance Scams

Romance scams prey on individuals from all walks of life. Learn ways to protect your accounts from someone who is after more than your heart.

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Gift Card Scams

Gift cards are so widely available they’re often an ingredient in many popular scams. If someone’s asking you to pay using a gift card, that’s no gift. It’s fraud.

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Fraudsters pretend to be bank employees to scam you out of cash or to compromise your account or identity. Don’t take the bait.

Identity theft

Identity Theft

When someone uses your personal or financial information without your permission it’s stealing. Stay on guard.

tax scams

Tax Scams

Thieves cash in on Americans’ angst toward taxes and the IRS. Learn how tax scams are used year-round to steal money and data.

banks never ask that


Criminals posing as bank representatives often steal sensitive data via email, text message, or phone. Learn to spot the traps from #BanksNeverAskThat, the American Bankers Association’s anti-phishing website.

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Carrying large amounts of cash makes you a moving target. Take precautions to safeguard yourself from attentive criminals.