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Debit Card Controls

Debit Card Location Controls


Going on Vacation?

Skip the travel notice and set a custom radius in the app.

Control where transactions will be authorized by creating custom regions based on zip codes, your location or entire cities and states. 

Instructions for setting location controls: Select the green More icon, tap Card Controls, Choose your card & My Regions to turn on controls, and toggle on to set your radius with your zipcode.



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Even more ways to control your debit card

Manage Usage Controls

Set restrictions to prevent international or ATM transactions, or limit transactions by region or merchant type.

Turn Cards On/Off

Instantly protect your debit card if it's been lost, misplaced, or stolen by turning it off with a tap. If you find it later, turn it back on just as quickly.

Create Locations

Prevent fraudulent purchases by restricting use of your card to custom locations.



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