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Debit Card Controls

Debit Card On/Off

Hit Pause on Your Lost or Stolen Card

Misplaced your debit card but haven't given up hope that you'll find it? Use the mobile app to turn it off temporarily and prevent unauthorized use until you find it and turn it back on. 

Lost your card or think it was stolen? Turn it off while you call us and wait for your replacement.

Don't worry, recurring transactions aren't impacted by on/off settings.


Instructions for turning debit card on and off: Select the green More icon, tap Card Controls, and choose your card to toggle off.



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Even more ways to control your debit card

Manage Usage Controls

Set restrictions to prevent international or ATM transactions, or limit transactions by region or merchant type.

Set Spending Limits

Stop fraud in its tracks by setting up a maximum dollar amount for approved transactions. 

Create Locations

Prevent fraudulent purchases by restricting use of your card to custom locations.





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