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Privacy & Security

Online Account Protection

Easy Security Tips to Protect Your Accounts

Bringing you the most up-to-date technology is one way we strive to make banking with us as easy and convenient as possible, but your privacy and security will always be our top priority. Use these simple tips to protect yourself and your information. 

Let Us Know if You Misplaced Your Phone
As an added security measure, we can temporarily deactivate your ability to login to the mobile app until you regain control of your phone.

Stay on Top of Your Phone's Software Updates
Routine updates sent directly to your phone from the manufacturer keep your phone running smoothly and provide added security. 

Don't Share Your Banking Pin or Password
We will never ask you for this information and you should never provide it to anyone.

Use the Advanced Security Features on Your Phone
Fingerprint ID and facial recognition are convenient ways to unlock your phone, but they are also an effective way to keep out intruders.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
The most basic form of information theft is observation. Make sure someone isn't looking over your shoulder when you're typing sensitive information.