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Checking Accounts

Business Analysis Checking

Unlimited Transactions

per month

No Deposit

required to open

Low Monthly Fees

only $10.95 per month

  • $0.18 per check and debit fee
  • $0.35 per credit fee
  • $0.10 per deposited item
  • Earnings may offset monthly charges
  • Up to three debit cards free

How do I avoid fees?

Accounts with high earnings may have the monthly maintenance fee waived.

$10.95 per month

Corporate Sweep Checking Account

Business Analysis Checking customers can link their primary checking account to a unique, ancillary earnings option: a Corporate Sweep Account. Business Analysis Accounts with a daily balance of $50,000 can have excess funds over the target balance swept into an overnight investment account earning a premium interest rate. Funds are automatically redeposited the next day with accrued interest. Make your money work overtime with this convenient, easy investment option.

Debit Cards

Business banking customers can apply for and be issued PIN-protected debit cards for real-time access to checking account funds. You and designated employees can access funds with ease and convenience just about anywhere including First Community Bank, Star, Plus and Jeanie ATMs.

Debit cards have transaction cash limits to protect account holders, but increases may be available. We provide three debit cards free of charge and additional cards cost just $5 each.

Phone Number

Open an account.
800.829.6372 or have us call you.