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Contactless Cards

Checkout made easy

Use your First Community contactless debit card to make checkout faster, safer and more convenient.

A store clerk holding out a credit card machine for a customer to make a contactless payment.

How to get started

When you renew or replace your card, you'll notice the contactless symbol contactless-symbol-1 If your card isn't set to expire for a while, add it to your mobile wallet  to setup contactless payment and enjoy these same great features.

Contactless card benefit summary. Safe: same security as a chip. Easy: check out with fewer steps. Fast: Your card is read in seconds.


How it works

Keep your card information safe and get through the line faster, simply by tapping the terminal at checkout instead of inserting your chip. Don't worry - you'll still be able to swipe and insert your card for businesses that don't yet accept contactless payment.



Contactless symbol: concentric half circles designed to look like sound waves.

Look for the Contactless Symbol

Debit Card icon.

Tap your card to the terminal


Wait for the check then you're good to go






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