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About the Position

Fraud Associate (Part Time)

Location: Lexington, SC

Responsible for the investigation of fraudulent or illegal activities committed against the bank and/or its customers and pursuing prevention and recovery methods to mitigate fraud losses including timely working of investigations/reporting of suspicious activity under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).  Initially this role is contemplated to be a part-time position but could also increase to a full-time position depending on the incumbent.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Other duties may be assigned.)

  • Investigate and resolve fraud alerts generated by the BSA/AML monitoring system, bank-related potential fraud incidents and customer-reported potential fraud reports.
  • Prepare case file documentation to support fraud investigations and aid law enforcement in the prosecution of those perpetrating fraud against the bank or bank customers.
  • Recommend new policies and procedures to detect and prevent the occurrence of fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • Assist with the recovery of losses due to fraudulent or illegal activities.
  • Review daily reports for patterns which might indicate fraudulent activity(ies).
  • Train/educate bank employees on how to identify and respond to potential or actual fraud situations.
  • Assist the Security and Fraud Manager as needed.



  • Two-year college degree or equivalent experience
  • Training/experience with fraud detection/investigation fraud alerts in a financial institution
  • Ability to prioritize and organize case load independently
  • Experience working with federal and local law enforcement agencies
  • Active member of fraud-related associations such as IAFCIA, CFE, etc.
  • Fraud Examiner Certification (CFE) a plus